Friday, September 29, 2023

Strother Field Airport
Courtesy Car Policy

Strother Field Airport owns a courtesy car, for use by visitors to Strother Field Airport. Use of the car is subject to availability, and limited to trips less than 2 hours of duration and no further than Arkansas City or Winfield. The car will be provided free of charge. Users must provide proof of insurance and a valid license to drive; liability for the use of the car is assumed by the users.

Use of the courtesy car  

The courtesy car can be driven by any fly-in visitor to the Strother Field Airport, provided:

·       They have a valid United States driver’s license.

·       They have proof of current car insurance.

·       They sign the Use of Airport Courtesy Car form which indemnifies the Airport and Citis of Winfield and Arkansas City from all claims regarding the use of the courtesy car.

·       They are over the age of 21.

Use of the courtesy car is restricted to the following:

·       Only the individual providing driver’s license and insurance information is allowed to drive the car.

·       The car can only be used for a period of no longer than two (2) hours unless special arrangements have been made with the Airport Manager (see below).

·       The car can only be taken to areas within a 5 mile radius of the Airport or the City Limits of Arkansas City and Winfield.

While using the courtesy car, the driver is required to follow all applicable laws of the State of Kansas. In addition they:

·       Cannot consume any alcohol or other chemical which may impair driving ability during the period in which he/she is in possession of the courtesy car.  The driver may not operate the courtesy car while under the influence of alcohol or other chemical which may impair driving ability.

·       Agree to refrain from the use of cellular phones to talk,  text message, or otherwise communicate while operating the courtesy car.

Reserving the Courtesy Car

No reservations will be accepted for the courtesy car, except in cases where the car is needed overnight (see section 3). Use of the car will be first come, first serve basis.

Overnight Use of the Courtesy Car

For fly-in visitors staying overnight in the Arkansas City or City of Winfield area, use of the courtesy car during overnight hours can be arranged with the Airport Manager; such arrangements must be made by noon the day of use. The following restrictions apply:

·       Fly-in visitors cannot take the car before 4:30 pm and must return the car no later than 8:30 am the following day. If this occurs on a Saturday or during a period when the terminal building is closed, keys will be left in the locked drop box at the terminal building.

·       Fly-in visitors will be required to list the location they will be staying overnight, as well as any anticipated stops for food, etc. before taking the car.

·       All other restrictions listed above will apply.

For fly-in visitors arriving after business hours (8:00 am -4:30 pm, Monday-Friday), use of the courtesy car can be arranged prior to noon on the day of use. The following restrictions apply:

·       Copies of the user’s driver’s license, and signed Use of Airport Courtesy Car form must be emailed or faxed to the Airport Manager by noon on the day of arrival.

·       Keys to the car will be secured and the Airport Manager will provide the pilot with the means of accessing the keys on arrival.

·       All other restrictions listed above will apply.

Use of the courtesy car over multiple days (including weekends) will not be allowed.


Cost for use. There is no cost for the use of the courtesy car at the airport. Monetary donations and refueling of the car after use are graciously welcomed.

Responsibility for moving violations, damage, etc. Users are solely responsible for any legal action or damage arising out of their use of the courtesy car, including tickets, law suits, or repair costs.

If a user of the courtesy car does not return the car as scheduled, airport staff should contact the Cowley County Sheriff’s Department.  When the courtesy car is returned damaged, airport staff, with the assistance of the City Attorney’s office, will file a claim and arrange for repairs of the damage.


Please review this Use Agreement you can bring it with you or fax it back to 620-221-7783.